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A Sherry and Cookies Project: Lolita a Lolita


On my blog, Sherry and Cookies, I typically share my Lolita adventures and inspirational writings. Last month I introduced a project called Lolita a Lolita: Let's Have a Conversation. (Additionally, here is a clarification to the original post.) Amongst all of the negativity that is frequently experienced in the Lolita community, I thought it may be refreshing, albeit in the very small venue that S&C is, to have other Lolitas share their stories, what is going on in their lives, and how they are feeling about certain issues with monthly prompts. It is my goal that -maybe- by getting to know each other a little better, we can promote more understanding and demote putting others down.

Do I think by any means this will change anything on a large scale? No, I know it probably will not. Human nature is human nature.  However, if the stories that any of the girls shared this month can inspire just a few of you or make you feel less alone in your personal struggles regarding Lolita subculture, then I think it is worth it.

You can read January's posting here, along with the prompt for next month, the rules, and how to send your submission if you would like to participate. Anyone can participate so long as she or he follows the rules~

Thanks for reading!


(P.S. I apologize for weird formatting in any of the entries. I need to figure out why Blogger does what it does still. O.o)


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