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Keii's Japan travel Wardrobe post : )

Hi all~ :) Nice to meet you!! I believe I'm a first time poster here~ ;D
I'm currently on a long holiday in Japan and started building up a wardrobe ^^
January's almost over but I'd like to share my (mostly Closet Child) spoils with the January theme! Wardrobe post!!

My favorite brands are Aatp/Btssb, Innocent World and Putumayo, so you'll mostly be seeing those, haha!

Please note that because I'm travelling I don't have many shoes/bags/accessories/etc with me so I haven't included these items in my post ^^ I also have some dresses/skirts/etc left at home, so they're not included either. <3

Coats, Jackets and Waistcoats!

Starting with my first ever Lolita item~ Gingham coat from Putumayo! :) On the right is a Putumayo Jacket from this years Lucky Pack.

Infanta Pirate style coat and Black Peace Now velvet jacket~

I'm not sure if this coat is BabyTSSB or Aatp..! It has the BTSSB logo but I saw it in the Aatp store.. so confusing! On the right is AP Letter Regimental Jacket. The badge is removable so I stick it on everything. <3

Aatp crop jacket & necktie and Algonquins crop jacket & necktie. I love these over a dress!! :)

Putumayo B&W waistcoat and BTSSB Circus print waistcoat in Ivory. ^^


Aatp Midsummer Night's Dream JSK II in Navy and JSK I in Ivory. This print is so beautiful I want to own all the colours! Black, I'm coming for you..!!

Aatp Queen's Coach in Red (dream print! I need the JSK II in Navy or Black, dying for itt!!!) and Aatp Name of the Rose JSK. Have the matching bows for both. ^^

Aatp Alice Pirate print JSK in Ivory and Aatp Lucky pack 2012 Tartan dress~! Have the matching bow for the tartan one ^^

Aatp Monochrome Rose Garden, definitely a fav! :'D
On the right is the BTSSB Veronica Elisse JSK in Navy/Black. Another fav. xxxxx

BTSSB Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale and BTSSB Circus Tutu in Navy~ <3 I'd love to find the matching hairbow for Chocolate Fascinate~ <333

BTSSB Pocket Embroidery in Cream and BTSSB Black Salopette~ :'D So cute!! I never liked Salopette's until I tried one on, it changes everything once you wear one. <333

Angelic Pretty Marchen Ribbon + matching hairbow, Innocent World Felicia Crown JSK long version. ^^
This is my only Long version JSK, unfortunately it doesn't suit me as much as I was hoping, so I'm thinking of trading this for the short ver. <3

Innocent World Luna Stripe in Red and Innocent World Cinderella Ball JSK in Bordeaux.

Innocent World grey striped JSK, this is to casual and lovely to wear, on the right is Innocent World lucky pack dress in cream. Wearing this one while I type!! ;D

H. Naoto Frill cage JSK and Putumayo Trump JSK both in black. ^^

Metamorphose flocked heart OP in Pink and Yolanda Cape & skirt set. <3


BTSSB white skirt (don't know the name of this one..!) and BTSSB Paris Windows skirt in Ivory. ^^

BTSSB Cinderella Jewelerry in Ivory/Sax and Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival in Ivory~ <3

Innocent World Beatrice Skirt and Innocent World Dog (poodle? maltese?) skirt. :'D

Metamorphose Songbird Bouquet skirt in Black and Putumayo striped skirt in Blue. This came with a crest/badge but I forgot to get it in the photo. XD;;


These are my blouses. :) From left to right;
Innocent World, Anna House, Lusty in Wonderland, Offbrand, Metamorphose, BTSSB, Dear Celine.

Taobao Cutsews. :'D I have an AP cutsew also but forgot to take a photo.. oops!

This is SO hard to carry around with me when I move while travelling!! Such a challenge! I hope I never come across stairs..!!!

Thanks for looking! <3333
-keii xxx
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