miscy (miscy) wrote in egl,

Sew-loli contests!

Hey folks. I don't know how many of you get over to sew_loli but we are voting on our quarterly theme  contest! Please come and check the entries out, they are all stunning! The quarterly theme was to create at least 2 coordinating pieces and one of those pieces had to be a garment (so 2 accessories wouldn't count for example).

edit: I belatedly realized that the votes were not anonymous, so I had to create a new poll. Please vote again if you did so earlier! My apologies for the error.

Our monthly contest ends in about a week with a theme of 'New year's resolution'. All entrants have to pick a project that have a special personal challenge involved: either a project they never finished, or something they have wanted to try and never gotten around to. There is still time to enter so please feel free to join in the fun! Going forward we will have small prize packs that will be mailed to the winners :) to include notions, sewing kits, small amounts of fabric etc. 

hopefully the mods are ok with me posting this here.... please let me know if I need to edit in any way!


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