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First wardrobe post~

Last year, I didn't make a wardrobe post, partly because I didn't think my wardrobe to be interesting enough and because I didn't have time to get everything out of my closet to photograph.

This year, I've been sick since saturday and stuck at home the whole time, so what better to do with your time than messing up your room and taking pictures of your clothes >.<

I don't wear lolita on a regular basis, but I enjoy collecting pieces I love :P I started wearing lolita 3 years ago, but that was at the time I went to another school, the year after that one I started college and taking driving lessons, so those 2 years I didn't have all that much money to spend. Since last year I've started working more and now I've finally gotten my driving license, I've got money to spend :P This is what I have gathered so far, and there are still pieces in the mail.

So, here goes: 

All AATP - sailor jsk, Time of Roses JSK I and my most loved piece, Fairy Night Fantasia JSK I <3

Both AATP - Vampire Requiem, Corset sk


Really difficult to photograph >.<
BTSSB - princess scallop (?), AATP - Caterina jsk, MmM - unknown (selling it though, as I don't fit it. Too bad, it's sooo beautiful >3)

F+F - highwaist sk, Bodyline, Bodyline

Lighter pieces

Meta - 2011 sailor jsk (I never know the names of Meta sailor items XD), BTSSB - Flower and Ribbons Salon Music JSK, Meta - 2011/2012 LP jsk (I'm considering selling it though, I don't see myself wearing it....)

Meta - wine-red velveteen skirt, Handmade (by someone on the salescomm)

Anna house, Offbrand, Offbrand, Dear Celine

Thriftstore, thriftstore, bodyline
Forgot to photograph, also got the AATP LP blouse. 

Bodyline, Bodyline, Offbrand (the first item I bought that I wanted to alter, I've added the little pompoms and the lace, but I'm considering taking that off again)

Except for the lower middle one, these are all lace boleros. I love wearing these when the weather is too hot, or when I know I'll be spending the whole day inside, where it's way too hot to wear a blouse -_-

Offbrand, Offbrand
Offbrand, Offbrand, Replica
AATP, offbrand

Bigger bags that I use, when I need to carry a lot of stuff with me.

AATP, AATP (sailor), AATP (fariy night fantasia), Meta (LP)
Offbrand, offbrand

Upper bows are all detachable bows from skirts/jsk's.
Lower whitexblack one is AATP, right one (with veil) is taobao, the black and white/pink/red next to the AATP are Bodyline and everything else is offbrand.

Most of these are Taobao, except for the fuzzy black thing next to the white gloves, that's a Swimmer watch. The wallet in the box is a cardholder from IW.


Meta (LP), offbrand, bodyline, AP

I mostly wear tights, because I feel more comfortable knowing I'm completely covered.

I <3 shoes :P
Most of these are from a store called New Look. 
New Look, New Look, TUK (the very first lolita-esque pair of shoes I bought. During the time when I was still transitioning from Goth to Lolita.)
New Look, New Look (they're navy! I really <3 them so much), offbrand, boots imported from Korea
Secret Shop, secret shop, BTSSB (I'm missing one of the ankle straps, not sure whether the previous owner, or I, lost them. Any idea how to resolve it? I figured I could just don't wear ankle straps, or replace the ankle straps with a white ribbon or something.)

Another item I love, parasols/umbrella :D

Items that I'm waiting on / payment plan / on it's way:
- Vampire Requiem JSK in Ivory
- Vampire Requiem skirt in Red
- Angel's Gentle Whisper in the Heavenly Holy Night Melody JSK in Ivory
- End of Immortal Eden JSK in black
- IW blouse
- Taobao order: 2 blouses (1 blouse for friend), 1 bag

For a friend:
- Putumayo OP
- IW boots
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