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2012 Closet Post

2012 Closet Post

I have been interested/started lolita in 2007, but took a very long "break" until last April when I really started to build my wardrobe.

I waited until the last few days of the month so I could add some items that were in the mail. 

I didn't include any of my vintage clothes that I sometimes pair with my lolita (shoes, blazers, tights, hats, e&c)


Bodyline Balloon Bear, Angelic Pretty Honey Cake


Handmade (not by me), Innocent World Museum Bear

Handmade Innocent World Royal Check drop-waist replica, Baby the Stars Shine Bright My Favorite Things

Handmade, Innocent World Grazia Crown


Handmade, Handmade, Bodyline Sweet Cream


Innocent World lucky pack, Offbrand, Angelic Pretty lucky pack, Bodyline


Betsey Johnson rider jacket, Angelic Pretty Chiffon Satin bolero, Angelic Pretty Lovely Heart


Offbrand, Dear Celine


Angelic Pretty Sugar Hearts, Handmade, Angelic Pretty Candy Bunny

Offbrand, Offbrand

Shoes + Other

Bodyline, Custom House, Secret Shop, Offbrand umbrella

Offbrand, Cafe Verfuhren, Offbrand


Angelic Pretty Princess Logo, Offbrand, Angelic Pretty lucky pack, Innocent World Sweet Rose, Angelic Pretty  Honey Cake, Bodyline, Innocent World Museum Bear, Angelic Pretty

Hair Accessories + Bag

Offbrand, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World Grazia Crown, Innocent World Sweet Rose, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Offbrand, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World Bear Pochette

So, I took a snapshot of my wardrobe every month since October so I could keep a record of my progress to "dream wardrobe" status.

And... January 2012:

Payment Plans for:

Part of a GO I'm waiting for:


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