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Closet Post + Photoshoot


I've been into lolita for quite a while, i also been stalking this community for a few years now but i never really post much but this year i decided to pop up on the closet theme posts and contradict my lazyness ^^'' so since i'm posting i thought why not include the last photoshoot i made too? and so here it is, hope you enjoy!!

First, the photoshoot in the local park, it doesn't really have a theme, i just like to take photos in lolita and to lolitas i must improve my photography skills :P i'm the one wearing the St. Mephisto Cathedral and the one with the Fairy Night Fantasia is a friend of mine who doesn't own lolita but really likes the style so sometimes i pick her up for model ;D 

Hope you like them <3 The last photo is my favourite ^^


To the closet post!!

This is where i keep my acessories and stuff, no pretty organization since this is not really my house (i'm living here but it's my university house although i do live alone theres no point in spending money in making it pretty since i finish this year)

close up of the jewlery box, socks and headresses, also my make up sets are there

some more pretty acessories, mainly roses :P and my parfumes on the side haha

my lolita bags, MILK and Metamorphose, i have another meta one but it's being fixed since the strap broke, there is also a H.Naoto bag inside the Meta bag that i forgot to include on the pictures

My lolita shoes - BTSSB, IW, G.L.P., Demonia, and offbrand

All Alice and the Pirates <3

Moi meme Moitie

BTSSB, BTSSB, Metamorphose

Innocent World, Innocent Wold, Atelier Pierrot

Metamorphose, BTSSB, B.P.N. . I also own an IW coat but i use it almost daily and not so much with lolita since i bought the baby one so i forgot to take picture

My Aristocrat stuff - Retroscope skirt and Atelier BOZ OP

My skirts, Anna House and MHMH

My blouses, AatP, Metamorphose, BTSSB, Offbrand and Anna House, geez, i need a short sleeves black blouse XD

IW, BTSSB, offbrand, Retroscope (didn't fit on the blouses photo XD)

Headresses, AatP, Moitie, Metamorphose, IW, BTSSB, VM, Suppurate System, Millefleures and offbrand

other acessories, Metamorphose, Suppurate System, H.Naoto and offbrand

my jewlery, or most of it, i have big problem of lack of jewlery and allways forget to buy lol mostly offbrand, IW crown neckalce, AatP chain, MmM chocker, Suppurate system earing (the cross one can't find the other one ;_;) baby headbows that should be in the headress foto but i forgot them xD

My OTK socks - AatP, AatP, MmM, MmM, IW, MmM, offbrand

My KH socks - AP, IW, indie brand, BTSSB, AatP

My tights drawer, mostly lace and net socks, the ones outside are my favourite ones, all offbrand except for the chandelier ones - BTSSB

Things that are not here/i am waiting for

at my parents, arrived later than expected ;_; dream dress!!!

With my Shopping Service

In blue, with my Shopping Service

And that's it, this is my closet. I've started wearing and buying lolita 4 years ago, and it is still not complete at all, i wish i could afford to buy everything i wanted haha i just have to go slowly :)

Please do comment and leave sugestions, both for the closet and for the shoot or future shoots !

Thanks for looking!

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