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Help a new and lonely lolita please :)

Hi everyone. Didn't mean to sound pathetic :) I got into the fashion about a year ago. I am a gothic lolita, at least trying to be. Unfortunately, I only have one dress and some other pieces collected from various places and some sewn by me. I really want to own a dress from Moi-Meme-Moitie, but all are extremely expensive. While I am saving some money, I decided to buy these two dresses, one from Fanplusfriend and other from Qutieland. I know they are not the best brands yet... If you can make some reviews on these dresses, I would be so happy. These are the dresses:

Thank you. By the way, I said I was lonely because I live in Istanbul. If there is a fellow lolita in Istanbul, please contact me! 
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