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CherryBerryGirl's 2012 Wardrobe post :3

This Is My Little Wardrobe <3 im in lolita fashion since september 2011
and i have collected so many cutie things :3 that's what i have:

Angelic Pretty Replicas
milky chan was my first lolita dress <3 Sugary Carnival is DOL

My Dream Dress, Sheep Garden! :3  My mannequin, Fiore!

Pink Military Jsk and Mint Stripe Bears Baloon by Bodyline <3

Sax Strawberry Shortcake jsk and Purple Squirrel Party OP by bodyline :>

my three skirts: Bodyline,Bodyline,Metamorphose Replica

my handmade skirts x3

i have only to Blouses >.< : Offbrand

My Cutsew's Army!! xD

My Other "more-loli" cutsews: Offbrand,Baby Angel,Offbrand

My Fluffy petticoats (and my doggy Dolly)

My Cardigans and Boleros: All Offbrand

My Only Coat

Secret Shop,Offbrand

My Shoes: Secret Shop and Offbrand

My new shoes! bodyline sax shoes <3 i love it ^^

my dog and sheep homewear x3

my headwear: Bodyline,Replica,Handmade,Claire's,Offbrand
My headbands'rabbit!!

the bracelets are all OffBrand, the necklaces and the rings are handmade by me ^^

Other stuff ^^ : my parasols,earmuffs,a hat which i put with sheep garden :3 and a tote bag!!

JellyandJellies: sei fantastica ti adoro x3

thanks for watching ! ! !  ;D

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