cutedeer (cutedeer) wrote in egl,

AP international- I paid double for shipping and no helpfull response SOLVED!

This morning I could freak out with the "contact board"...on the international Angelic Pretty side
The story: I bought something and ended up paying double for the shipping,, around 3000 yen.. I tried to contact AP.
First the shipping board, noooo response,
than the AP item board: they didn´t understand correctly that I paid double for shipping and not for the item
than I opened a Paypal claim
contacted shipping board again and Ap itself
this morning I got an answere from AP telling me that I should contact the shipping board.
I mentioned in the mail that I did seems to be that the stuff isn´t really good in reading 
my text..and I don´t know what to do now because the contact board didn´t response again.

Did you ever had this kind of problem? How did it end up?

Omg it´s really frustration and I don´t know what to do..thank you for your help


Finally I got refundet yeah, thats just took  a while! Thx for your comments and your support even it was mental ^.^


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