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My developing wardrobe

I have been a fan of Lolita since around 2005, but it's only within the last few years that I've finally been in a position to build a Lolita wardrobe.
Here is what I have so far:

Rose Melody's Rosa Crucifix corset JSK (now sadly a little on the large side on me, I will have to take it in a little), and Surface Spell's Cathedral Underbust JSK (which I bought to wear to Whitby Goth Weekend as the design looks a lot like Whitby Abbey, it's pretty short on me though so I'm planning on perhaps adding a ruffle or something).

Cinderlla Story OP (as many people know I'm very against replicas, this was bought as a Christmas present last year by someone who didn't know me very well at the time which left me in quite an awkward position, I almost sold it but at the same time it was a gift and I didn't want to seem ungreatful so I ended up keeping it. I've worn it a couple of times, but it's to sweet for me. It hasn't made me change my mind, I still won't be buying any replicas myself but I will admit that I was wrong to jump to the conclusion that all replicas are badly made, as this one is actually quite well made) and JSK handmade by me.

Handmade, vintage, handmade, handmade

Surface Spell, second hand and the front one is adapted from a nightdress (I cut it down and crocheted my own lace)

Not really Lolita specific but I've worn these with Lolita co-ords before.
Second hand, vintage and Marks and Spencer

Both Forever In Black

Customised Vintage blouse and Underground Nation bolero (I'm replacing the lace with crochet lace when I get a chance)

This cape is my pride and joy! This came from a shop in Edinburgh that sells Japanese imports, they have so much Nightmare Before Christmas and Hello Kitty stuff :D

Most of my socks are from Poundland

Bags and purses
Forever in Black x2, handmade by me, second hand x 2 and Forever in Black

Various hair accessories, some handmade, some Forever in Black, some Claire's Accessories and some Poundland.

Forever in Black (bought to match my JSK I made) and handmade bonnet

Various jewellery and accessories

Now that I have a steady job I'm hoping to start getting a couple of the pieces from my brand wishlist and a few more versatile JSKs over the year :)

edited to swap the corset photo because it was pointed out there was a mark on the lense that looked like something else (oooh err matron!) in the original photo.
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