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Lace this Journal Update and Changes (Maybe 2 spots open?)

I'm so sorry for the delay. My brother ended up in the hospital and since I'm the only one who can drive (do to my mom just having surgery) I've been spending my days and nights between the hospital and work. Now that every one is ok and happy, I can get back to my life and this project. Once again I'm very sorry!

We have had a few changes in the rotation of the groups. I'm still looking for a 'Manager' for Group 4. Please if you are in Group 4 and think you can help me, then please PM me. If there are ???? next to your name please let me know, there is an issue. If anyone has an issue please comment below in the Issue Comment Box please. This will keep everything nice and neat for me, thanks.

US Swap Journal Owners:

Group 1 : Manager: Kasumicrimson
A.) Me (Kasumicrimson)
B.) rosalius_belle
C.) selfdestructful
D.) ameliesavah
E.) blueberrymousse
F.) quaizr

Group 2 (Us & Canada) : Manager: tsuki_keh_ki
A.) kikofleece
B.) gienahclarette
C.) fallingpegasus
D.) smithsonain
E.) tuesday72093
F.) tsuki_keh_ki

Group 3 : Manager: Sugarkit
A.) angelcj
B.) sugarkit
C.) nat_renae
D.) zimbia
E.) tanzy13
F.) bigbad88

Group 4 : Manager: ---
A.) fiammettarey
B.) amburrito97 ????
C.) bahia
D.) haleyjujucake
E.) lilcupcake247
F.) loligirlbecca

UK Swap Journal Owners
If you have an issue please get in contact with : xsgtpepperx

A.) minisweets
B.) xsgtpepperx
C.) kuramika
D.) onixstar1
E.) sweetjamtart
F.) blondedebates
G.) sakurasheff
H.) burnlikethesun

Now that I think that I have everything right, please correct me if I'm wrong, I need everyone to comment in their group comment box with their favorite brand name, kinda like a roll call... lolita style!

Also Angelcj from group 3 has updated me on shipping. If you tell the post office that you are shipping notebooks then they'll give you the cheaper Media Mail. Now if you have already shipped, inform the person next to you that you have. They are top hold on to it until after they ship theirs! Instead of two weeks they will have four weeks. If someone has already shipped theirs, hold on onto it until the next shipping cycle. 


YOU must ship YOUR journal by: February 10, 2012
The next shipping cycle will be February 24, 2012

If you would like to sign up for the two spots, please leave a comment in the Sign Me Up Comment box, and look at the link posted below. If you do not, then I will not consider, sorry.  

If you need the original post, here it is;


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