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So this is my first wardrobe post. Yay! I'm usually too lazy for stuff like that (but I love to see others!). This year there's a exam ahead of me, so suddenly taking photos of my closet sounded much more appealing than study!

As you can probably tell there are also my cosplays inside.

Bodyline and the first dress I ever bought! It's handmade (not by me obviously) and I still love it!

AatP Lace Print. So much love! I want the skirt in black as well <3! The jewelry belongs to the Jks, but I like it on both and there was a different rose, but I changed that, too. Everything is detachable anyway, so no harm done ;)

Metamorphose and offbrand. Yes, there is a button missing, it actually happened in my closet and I couldn't find it anywhere (mysterious!!). Need to sew the spare one on :I

f+f. It's actually so heavy, I can't keep it in this closet |D But it's lovely!

both bodyline.

selfmade. So I never really wear it :<

IW and Putumayo replica. 
I'm thinking about trading the skirt for the Jsk version as it doesn't really fit me. :(

sweet-like-you and bodyline (modified) 

selfmade. I love the polkadot one!

offbrand. Ah, it's been to dark in my room! Both black trousers got golden buttons and I love them for being a bit piraty!

Never mind the pale of black stuff. I can't change the settings right now, I only got a netbook. But even so you can tell the lack of blouses! I really, really should get some, but I seem to be very picky when it comes to them. :l

Baby, Ergi 2x, Meta, Attp, Secret Shop, offbrand.
I also got some plain ones, but they're rather boring!

 Bags are all offbrand. I do have a few more, but I use them most of the time.

the bow is Aatp.Needless to say I want it in brown and black, too!
Everything else is offbrand.

f+f bow, selfmade sockstoppers.
I really like the black lace:

I keep them along with my waistties in a box me and my boyfriend got for Christmas from his little nephew. 



offbrand, the one with the frame is from Milk.

Aatp and Baby!

Bibles and stuff ;)

That's it! There was no more energy left for my shoes, I'm sorry! 

But here's a little bonus. This is what I have to wear most of the time, because I have to wear it at work. Can you guess what I'm doing? ;D

II can't seem to select a tag.I't loading for ages now and nothing happens. Any suggestions? :/
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