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ets' wardrobe 2012 ☆


This is my second time doing the wardrobe theme, and my fourth year in lolita.
For comparison purposes, my 2011 post (of 2010's wardrobe!) is over here. Whew! I did quite a lot of shopping, it seems. :x

I'll probably buy more casual pieces this year, or less stuff if I'm good--? I don't know yet... :P

The cover picture was done by zhenteng. You can find her art blog here:

JM British "Libraly" and ST Newspaper print skirt
Jane Marple (British Library), Shirley Temple (Newspaper print)

JeJ La fée d'une fleur; La plume qui secouer; VM Lace-Up Doll Dress
Juliette et Justine (top: La fée d'une fleur, skirt: La plume qui secouer); Victorian Maiden (Lace-Up Doll Dress)

IW Bisque Doll, VM Rose Bouquet stripe frill
Innocent World (Bisque Doll); Victorian Maiden (Rose Bouquet stripe frill)

MmM Rose Gobelin OP (2003)
Moi-même-Moitié (Rose Gobelin)

AatP Vampire Requiem (2nd release)
Alice and the Pirates (Vampire Requiem)

JeJ La robe de pluvier
Juliette et Justine (La robe de pluvier)

JeJ Cadrage robe
Juliette et Justine (Cadrage)

JeJ Amour d'Amants; Fruit et un papillon
Juliette et Justine (Amour d'Amants, Fruit et un Papillon)

JeJ Amour d'Amants SK (2011)

JeJ Carte de la vérité; VM Christina
Juliette et Justine (Carte de la vérité); Victorian Maiden (Christina)

JeJ La reunion de la dame; Le eclat de croix
Juliette et Justine (La reunion de la dame; Le eclat de croix)

JeJ Le eclat de croix JSK (Crucifixion)

MmM Iron Gate; Gothic Arch
Moi-même-Moitié (Iron Gate; Gothic Arch)

MM Elmeria OP
Mary Magdalene (Elmeria)

JeJ Petit Jardin de la Fleur robe
Juliette et Justine (Petit jardin de la fleur)

MM タルト・タタン OP
Mary Magdalene (Tart-Tartan? Katakana: タルト・タタンワンピース)

BTSSB Cinderella Jewelry SK

VM Fairy Doll; MM Bertille
Victorian Maiden (Fairy Doll); Mary Magdalene (Bertille)

VM Classical Bouquet Long Dress
Victorian Maiden (Classical Bouquet Long Dress)

IW Pompadour JSK
Innocent World (Pompadour)

IW Porcelain Ribbon dress
Innocent World (Porcelain Ribbon)

JeJ La Broderie de la fleur robe
Juliette et Justine (La broderie de la fleur)

Rose d'Encre OP
Lusty 'n Wonderland (Rose d'Encre)

IW Emblem Scallop JSK; MM Ekaterina
Innocent World (Emblem Scallop); Mary Magdalene (Ekaterina)

AatP Princess Apple cutsew; IW Cardinal Rose SK
Alice and the Pirates (Princess Apple cutsew); IW (Cardinal Rose)

MM Rote Rose; AatP Masquerade Theater
Mary Magdalene (Rote Rose); Alice and the Pirates (Masquerade Theater); Mask -- handmade for a masquerade party

Offbrand florals :D
Offbrand florals! Left: swapped from lemon_puurin at a swap meet; right: purchased from cupanoodle. Underskirt handmade by sakky_.

JeJ corset; Atelier-Pierrot corset skirt; LB corset; JeJ Jupe du empyrée des volant
Left: Corset by Juliette et Justine; skirt by Atelier-Pierrot
Right: Corset by Louise Black; skirt by Juliette et Justine

Lief Sacred Night; AP Puppet Circus
Lief (Sacred Night); Angelic Pretty (Puppet Circus)

JeJ riding jacket
Juliette et Justine riding jacket

VW heart jacket
Vivienne Westwood heart jacket

Dear Celine blouse; millefleurs blouse
Dear Celine (Poet of Spring); millefleurs (Georgette Frill)

IW Tulle Lace short-sleeved bolero; MM Seraphina Puff Sleeve blouse
Innocent World (Tulle lace short-sleeved bolero); Mary Magdalene (Seraphina)

MmM Torchon Lace Frilled Blouse; JeJ Une Reine Rose
Moi-même-Moitié (Torchon Lace Frilled Blouse); Juliette et Justine (Une Reine Rose)

Kinari stuff
Bonnet: Triple Fortune; Lace gloves: Mary Magdalene; Others: offbrand

JeJ Une reine Rose, VW corset top
Juliette et Justine (Une Reine Rose); Vivienne Westwood corset top

JeJ Le profil d'une dame; JeJ jacket
Juliette et Justine (Le profil d'une dame); Juliette et Justine jacket

RM, IW, JeJ velveteen skirts
Rose Melody; Innocent World; Juliette et Justine (JeJ Jupe du empyrée des volant)

MmM Holy Cross Corsage
Moi-même-Moitié (Holy Cross Corsage)

Kikirara Shoten hat
Kikirara Shoten

Kikirara Shoten hat detail
Hat detail :)

Fleur-de-lys rings by Jane Marple; Novala Takemoto Pour Lolita ring by BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT; others offbrand

Hair accessories
Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, Surface Spell, mostly offbrand XD

VM Victorian Queen bag; VW Stripey
Bags I bought this year -- Victorian Maiden (Victorian Queen); Vivienne Westwood (Stripey)

Other lolita-friendly bags (from last year's post XD)

Alice and the Pirates, Jesus Diamante, Mary Magdalene, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, offbrand

Currently at my friend's place:

Stuff I'm waiting on:

I think this got lost between the States and my place. >__>;; I'm hoping it'll make it through somehow.

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