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My Little Wardrobe & Room Post

I love my room ♥

I really enjoy decorating

My "head board" is currently getting a make-over

I display most of my accessories on this rose garland on my mirror. I just "pluck" off an item and wear it-it's a magical feeling to pluck and wear flower accessories like this ^_^

My closet, I try to keep it neat as possible. The basket on the left holds scarves and the drawers on the right hold camera and stationary supplies.

I display all my novelty goodies above my clothes in my closet ♥ I think the framed outfit postcards add a cute touch and encourage me to dress up!

Innocent World Puppy JSK in black and Innocent World Loretta Rose JSK in long/ecru
I don't have many Lolita pieces but I worked hard to save up for these two. Loretta Rose is my dream item ♥♥♥

Innocent World Nicholas Fruits skirt in black

Matching Innocent World Nicholas Fruit socks

Innocent World tea blouse with ribbon, waist ties and detachable sleeves

Fawn Fur! Handmade small collar, cuffs, commissioned collar, handmade earmuffs, bow, headband, beret pompoms and vest, jacket from F21. I also make deer pompom key chains (shown later) I plan on making more items too!

Pearl and lace detail on handmade headband

Detail on handmade earmuffs

Vintage, Ebay, Japanese recycle shop (with handmade rose accent), ribbon wallet and bear bag are Innocent World

Claire's Japan, Ebay and vintage

Claire's, Innocent World (Nicholas Fruits) and F21

Accessories: Handmade, Claire's, Candy*Sugar, Paris kids

Odd Fellows collars (mainly for Dolly-kei) from Ebay, modified fur collar from f21, lace collars are vintage and Lowry's Farm

Vintage, F21, off brand, Betsey Johnson and Japanese second hand

Vintage, handmade, F21 and Betsey Johnson and off brand

Lemontree11, snowsylph, vintage and off brand

From Japan, Paris Kids, Claire's and off brand

Innocent World & Angelic Pretty

Lots of handmade goodies from my new brand Milk Thistle

Now onto other random Lolita goodies from my closet!

I love collecting postcards and stationary♪ These are from Imai Kira, Innocent World and BTSSB

Pouches from Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Metamorphose and BTSSB

Angelic Pretty photo album (where I keep most of my Imai Kira and brand postcards), Meta towel and BTSSB bear key chain

Angelic Pretty mirror and Metamorphose pins

2 Kera's, complete set of English G&LB, 3 Japanese G&LB, Innocent World clear files and G&L photo book

Bonus: My Alpaca and Calico Critter families!

Thank you for looking! I hope you enjoyed my lil' closet ^_^

EDIT: I seem to have forgotten my shoes, but I just mainly wear my brown or black lace-up boots. My feet are far too big for Lolita shoes including even most replicas T_T
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