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New sweet punk jewelry from BitterSweet

Happy wintery day to all! I'm back with a new round of fun-kei jewelry specially for sweet and punky lolitas, who love a spark of fairy-kei in their outfit. Both series are made under a great influence of the 80's fashion.

This is my ElectriCute series - I have some more item ideas, for several necklaces, but I can't wait to present what I already have. I'll have updates for the other items on my blog and facebook.

These super awesome gradient lightning earrings - extra long and extra shiny. Made with glitter polymer clay, each pair is so great, that I ever decided to keep the shown 3 pairs for myself, haha! There is a lot of combinations available, but fuchsia-purple. aqua-fuchsia and yellow-fuchsia are so juicy!

Other lightning stud earrings, rings and pins are shorter and chubbier, solid glittery colors with or without stars and hearts.

And a lightning bolt bracelet with a chain closure and several types of decor. I'll have to make better photos.


An unfinished necklace - I have the feeling that the charm needs something more, though I like it's minimalist look too. I'll be working on it, trying different variants.

ElectriCute and Confetti pins - I love this photo, it turned out really cute.

Confetti series - started as simple cluster earrings, but evolved into studs, rings and pins. The long tripple earrings also have a lovely gradient variant.

I really like these with swirls - sooo cute!

And the rings.

Hope you liked the new series - they're simple in form, but I find them very cute and versatile for lolita and casual wear.

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