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Petticoat Reviews and Tips with pics~

So I had purchased two petticoats right before my 8 month unexpected hiatus from the internet (anybody remember meeee? *3* ), and when I came back coincidentally saw people asking about the same petticoats all over the place.  I figured I'd post a short review/some tips.

I bought the Dear Celine  Frothy petticoat and the Classical Puppets A-line petticoat both from Clobba Online, both in light pink. They both look exactly like in the photos and are a very pretty light pink.  The fabric is of course not cuddly, but for petticoat fabric is rather comfortable. I'm quite satisfied.

Now, the photos.  These were quick snapshots excuse the t-shirt top and bare legs with ugly feets...just focus on the skirt shape, k?

No petticoat:

First, Classical Puppets.

A-line pettis give you more of a pyramid/triangle shape with most of the poof at the bottom.  With some dresses this fits better and looks really nice.  This tends to mostly be in classical style, or maybe casual looks with offbrand dresses that aren't made especially for petticoats...etc.



Dear Celine

It can be sooo frustrating to find a nicely shaped cupcake petticoat with a decent amount of poof...LOOK NO FURTHER!  Here it is!

And it's pretty too~

Also, this is the one I walked around in the whole night at the December meet here in New Orleans, Louisiana! It still looks this amazingly perfectly poofy after a night in Louisiana humidity with no touch up starch or anything...whatever you other girls do...I'm too lazy to figure out how to re-stiffen pettis...



See how it poofs more around my hips/butt than the hem of the skirt and then rounds down?  That's what they mean by "cupcake-shaped."

NOW! (And this is how you guys know I love you...I hate sharing my beauty secrets  ^_~ )  If you are still not satisfied and want the ridiculously huge poof of Angelic Pretty stock photos quality--

Layer both a cupcake and an a-line! That way you have the cupcake one giving you the nice shape and poof at the top and the a-line pushing up underneath to boost it and keep it poofier at the bottom of the skirt:



Also good to layer them when your cupcake petti starts to really lose its bottom poof after sitting and humidity take their toll.  I generally always layer at least a couple pettis. :D

Hope this was helpful! <3 

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