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Wardrobe Co-ord App/Website *Survey*

I've been talking with smithsonain regarding how to go about designing the lolita co-ord application/website (you can read the original post here), and we both thought it would be a great idea to survey the community.

Basically we'd like to know what you'd like to see implemented in the site, what you expect from the website in general and more importantly, what would make a great name! So if you have some time and would like to contribute some of your ideas, that would be most appreciated.

1. What do you think would make a great name for the website/app? Keep in mind that a good name for a website usually consists of one word, or a two-word hybrid (livejournal, facebook, lookbook, chictopia, tumblr, flickr, etc.) so it's always great to keep it easy, simple and memorable! We can poll the community later based on the suggestions in this post to find the winning name.

2. Should the web app be exclusively for the lolita community or should anyone be able to upload their wardrobe and create co-ordinates? This will help with design direction so that it appeals either to a smaller or larger audience.

3. What websites do you like the design of and why? This can encompass the aesthetics, the functions and features of the website, and so forth. It does not need to be in any way related to lolita or clothing either, I just want to know what you have a soft spot for. ;-) A good resource is http://patterntap.com. I personally enjoy strong timeless illustrative/typographic design, in the style of old book covers or 50's/60's illustration and advertisting with a modern twist.

4. What features would you like implemented in the website? For example, in smithsonain's last post, a member suggested that a swatching feature be included so that when she goes shopping she is able to find and match items to the colours of items already in her wardrobe. I was thinking of adding a co-ordinate weekly planner/calendar depending on how much users like to plan out their outfits. 

5. More generally, how do you imagine the application to be? What would be most useful to you? What would make you want to use the website regularly? 

6. If you own a shop (be that etsy or where ever), or are a seamstress/crafter/what have you, would you like the ability to advertise on the website? 

7. Any other suggestions or ideas, fire away!

Tags: community: surveys/polls/questionnaires

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