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Wardrobe from a goth loli~

Hello everyone~

I'm also a first time wardrober, but I'm very happy with my current collection. I love lolita for five years now, but wear the fashion for three years. My style is gothic lolita and dark classic, but I'm also moving slowly to aristocrat. For this year I hope to obtain more plain pieces with lovely details and more hats! It was kinda dark when I took pictures, so I'm sorry if some of them are blurry! Hope you still do enjoy this wardrobe post, I had at least fun making it^^


Church Gate Halterneck JSK and Divine Cross JSK by Moi-Meme-Moitie. These two are really my treasures and I'm so happy with both!

Antique Beast replica by Surface Spell and Spider dress by 4 o'clock (formerly known as Mirror). The right dress was my first dress and I still adore it!<3 It is just so versatile!^^

Velvet Cross OP by Moi-Meme-Moitie and Chandelier JSK by Innocent World. I love the oldschool vibe of the Velvet Cross OP!

Stained Glass OP by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Rococo OP handmade by a dear friend. Sorry this picture is so blurry! I also have the underskirt with the Stained Glass OP, but that one is not pictured.

My floral dresses! Victorian Maiden Beth JSK (don't know the name) and floral JSK by 4 o'clock. They both fit like a glove and I'm planning to do a hime coord with the VM dress this year^^

AatP Black Cat, Witch JSK and Doris Tartan JSK (Japanese Indie Brand). The AatP one fits like a dream and I'm really happy I finally own it. I hesitated when the dress was on reservation, but bought it from a lovely girl later. I just couldn't resist it!^^ Although it's made for Halloween, I happily wear this the entire year.

My ultimate dreamdress. I designed it myself and a lovely girl from the community (designer from 4 o'clock) made it for me!<3 It fits perfectly and she understood exactly what I meant from scratch. I'm so incredibly happy with this dress. The white dots are pearls btw^^


Iron Gate Pleated skirt and Cathedral skirt by Moi-Meme-Moitie. They were both dream skirts when I started with lolita and I'm so happy to own them both now<3 The prints are amazing up close!

Beauty and the Rose Promise skirt by AatP and Rozenkreuz skirt by Moi-Meme-Moitie. I don't wear both that often, but plan on wearing them more this year. They are too pretty to just stay in my closet :3

Crosses skirt by 4'o clock and blood red bustle skirt by 4 o'clock. The left one was my first skirt. I really love them both, especially the blood red one is just so elegant!<3

Vampire Requiem skirt and Castle of Nightmare skirt by Alice and the Pirates. The right one was a present from my boyfriend^^

The odd ones out in my closet, though I love them both dearly<3 The JetJ skirt is my newest addition and it's absolutely wonderful.

Other things

My only coat, Une Couronne Noble Coat from Juliette et Justine. It is absolutely gorgeous and can't wait to wear it out this spring!<3

My blouses. Top three are sheer blouses from H&M and Hema. Bottom blouses are from Zara, F+F and Dear Celine.

Two boleros, left Btssb, right one Moitie. Bloomers are Angelic Pretty. I never wear sweet but I love those garterbelt bloomers so much!^^

Hats I wear with lolita. Vintage, made by the wonderful Iira, made by a lovely Dutch lolita and H&M. Love to collect more hats this year!

Random stuff for in my hair. Mostly AatP, Moitie, 4 o'clock and Kreepsville. The headbands are from Kidsyoyo. Didn't photograph my two boxes of flowers, would have been way too much :3

Fur scarves and collar and jabot. Jabot made by the lovely Iira, collar made by the lovely Daniela and fur scarves from the H&M.

My shoes^^ I have many more, but not all are lolita related. Shoes are from Montreal, Bordello and Yumetenbo.

Hope you enjoyed my wardrobe post and sorry again for the blurry pictures :3

Have a nice weekend,

~ Josine (DarkRomantica)

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