louis_etoile (louis_etoile) wrote in egl,

Moi-même-Moitié autumn 2011 release dates?

So I've been stalking the moitie website for a while waiting for a long gilet and emblem headdress from their autumn 2011 collection and they still haven't been put up for sale yet. From what I observed it seems that moitie releases things a season after they show up in the GLB, and I assumed the items that I wanted were especially late because of the rush to make the holiday items available while it was still December. But then I saw photos by some people who had the emblem headdress. Is it an in store only item? But I haven't seen it on any of the Kera Shop blogs, unless I just missed it. At this point I might just rather get the hat if its not sold out everywhere. I haven't seen anyone wearing the long gilet though, so maybe that one is going to be a late release. I just hope I haven't missed the release of both items because for some reason moitie didn't post them on their website. Any information on whats going on with the release dates/ availability of these items would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a GLB scan with the emblem headdress and long gilet:

(not scanned by me. I'd credit who scanned it but I can't remember where I found it.)

Thanks in advance!

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