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We interrupt these wardrobe broadcasts for a Kodona set!

A day or two ago, I posted a thread about having some issues with a Ouji coord I was putting together for the first time. I got done sewing those blasted trousers and the cravat literally 30 minutes before the event. HOO-RAH! :D Here's the finished product.

Coat on!

Coat off!

Please don't mind the prison photo face. I swear I'm friendlier than it suggests. :'3

The breakdown is:

Hat: Off-brand
Cravat: Handmade
Vest: Off-brand
Coat: Tripp
Trousers: Handmade
Creepers: Demonia

Thanks to the people that told me to go with the bowler hat. It totally pulled the whole thing together. The cravat took loving FOREVER. Seriously, I had less trouble with the bleeding pants than I did with that loving cravat. I ran out of my lovely soft cotton lace half-way through, so I had to take what I had left and very carefully layer it with basic white pleated cotton to get the 'foof' I wanted. It turned out awesome though. I don't see too many bigger girls taking the Ouji sub-style on, so I was a little apprehensive at first. It came out looking loving awesome, so I'm not going to complain. It was so loving cold that night that I was glad to be wearing pants for a change. I'll cross-post this into EGL Plus as well. Thanks ladies, for all your help! :D

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