tokyo_arwen (tokyo_arwen) wrote in egl,

Calling crafters and long-term lolitas!

I will be doing a short talk on lolita fashion as part of a conference at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in Leicester, UK.

The theme of the event is "The Shape of Things" and is on global and contemporary craft. My talk will discuss how the internet had shaped world wide lolita - that it not only helped in spreading knowledge of the fashion, but that websites like taobao, livejournal (inc. sewloli/geekloli etc), etsy, blogs etc but made the fashion became more attainable and therefore more wide spread.

For those who were involved in Lolita in the early days, could you please explain how you feel about this point.
For crafters, I would love if you could tell me your feelings/experiences regarding lolita related craft and the internet. Also, I'd love it if I could use some pictures of your creations.

Thank you!

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