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My wardrobe 2012

I've been a lolita for a while now (since 2006) and I've gone through a few stages in my wardrobe. I'd have to say my favorite brands at the moment are Excentrique, Jane Marple and Juliette et Justine but I also love Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene, Innocent World, Millefleurs and Japanese indie brands.

I live in Japan now so it's hard to resist buying new things! Woe is me~~ :P

Here's my closet in 2009 and 2011.
If you know the name of anything here that I don't, please let me know!!

I'm in between deciding whether to live in Japan or move back home so I'm living in a very temporary apartment without a pretty closet! Here are some very unglamorous shots of it:

My kawaii clothing rack (only one half is for lolita dresses)

I felt quite lazy about taking all new photos so here are the ones from last year-

JetJ Belle Pierreries Skirt and IW Juno Skirt

IW Antique Pansy OP and Heart E (Red Riding Hood?) Skirt

IW - Rasiel OP and JetJ (name unknown but the dress featured in this classic pic - if you ever see/have the matching bolero, let me know!)

VM (some kind of tartan check - open in the back) and IW Violin JSK

VM (name unknown), IW Tweed JSK

Both VM - British Check OP and Gobelin Coat

Millefleurs (forgot the name), Mary Magdalene - Old Rose Dress

IW Balloon Shorts (never worn since they're a tad too small) and JetJ freaky animals skirt/top set

Mary Magdalene yukata (offbrand obi)

Jane Marple - Tea Party Lace Dress, ETC Ballerina Shopping Girl and ETC Mad Tea Party

Dresses and skirts from the past year~

JM Cosmetics(?) Skirt and VM Noble/Sailor/Regimental/Adjective Skirt

VM Sailor Doll OP and JetJ (name unknown, but old perhaps?)

VM Royal Tartan Dress and Meta (name unknown)

Excentrique corset vest and skirt set. This might be my favorite thing in my wardrobe!

JM Musical Instruments vest and MMM Iron Gate. I'm going to try to make this gothic standard work as classic! Just need to fine tune my coordinate a little more.

Older tops:

Top right is offbrand (Target), top middle is Meta (my first blouse!), and the rest is IW.

Bottom center and right - offbrand, the rest is IW.

Newer tops since last year:

Excentrique cape/jacket (name unknown) and Wonder Rocket cat cardi

F21, Olive des Olive and Excentrique Diamond Check Blouse

I didn't share my cutsews last time so here goes. I'm super in love with Axes Femme's cutsews. Not like I'm addicted or anything... I can stop buying them whenever I want...

All Axes Femme :x

Top row: All Axes Femme
Bottom row: Olive des Olive, Axes Femme, Honeys (Japanese shop)

Bags and Accessories

Mostly offbrand, bags and brown hat all IW.


There are more but you get the idea.


I'm a freak for tights. This is a selection of my faves - I use a lot of them for work too.

Gloves and hair things~

Brand and offbrand are in there. I love hair corsages <3


All kinds of stuff - brand, offbrand, new and vintage.

Handmade stuff


Shoes! I love them! The only brand ones are on the top right (VM) and bottom left (IW).

Now onto the accessories from this past year!

I'm also into morigirl and retro stuff so here are some things that do double duty. Bonus! From Axes Femme and Wonder Rocket.

Top bags: Axes Femme and vintage
Second row: Black bow from VM dress, MMM hanky, vintage shawl, vintage hat, handmade floral headdress, IW fawn collar, IW cream rose, tapestry bow from Meta dress

Atelier Pierrot mirror, handmade necklace, offbrand bow, VM choker

Just a few new ones - all offbrand

I also got into dolly-kei a little more - here are my two Gunne Sax dresses for those who want to see. Since they're floor length I find them harder to wear than lolita since I don't want them to get stepped on!

Thanks for looking! I love closet posts so keep them coming! Especially the classic ones <3

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