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icyMOTHA's closet! (Part of it anyway.)

Take a peek into my closet?
While uploading my pictures, I realized I totally forgot to take a picture of a few other items in my wardrobe. Nothing to spectacular though, my bad. xD

All my items are stored on the Lolita Clothing side of my closet. I got bored one day and decided to write signs for myself. Yeah, that's how exciting my life is. I live on a mountain. Lol.

JSKs are my favourite thing to wear, so I have a bunch of them. :3

Both Meta.
The white JSK is my favourite! It's so versatile! I can wear it so many ways and with different colours. I really love it. It also was my first lolita purchase while living in Japan, so it has special meaning to me.

AATP's Vampire Requiem and Angelic Pretty's Marrionette Girl.
I have all the extra bells and whistles that come with these (chest bows, waist ties and such) I just forgot to photo them. Lol. I'm not too keen on either of these dresses and I think I'm going to put them up for trade or sale soon. They were both impulse buys and I'm not really in love with them.

The navy is my newest dress. :3

Bodyline and AATP.
That Bodyline dress looks great with a big belt.

BTSSB and AATP luckypack dresses.
The green one has had a bit of surgery. I didn't like the bow on the neckline or the frills under it, so I removed them.
Oh god, I LOVE tartan!

I only have a few skirts.

Both AP.

Bought to match my twin sister. She has it in blue.

I only own one real blouse. I usually wear cutsews or things like that. I actually totally forgot to photo my favourite cutsew. >___>; It's black with long sleeves and frills on the neck. Really cute!



I actually have like, 5 boleros. They're all in the wash right now though. @__@;

My purse collection! The white AP pochette was my first brand purse. I've had it for YEARS.
The Whip Magic purse was a Xmas gift from my sister, the white and black BTSSB I bought about a month ago. The two smaller black purses were from the BTSSB/AATP luckypacks this year and the pink lace bag is from Honey's.

An Tai Na (Taobao) shoes and Bodyline shoes.
Super amazingly comfy!

MaruiOne shoe shop (totally don't remember the name) and Bodyline.

BTSSB belt, Pearl and Ribbon brooch is my sister's, Sailor Moon locket, all the plastic jewelry is from Closet Child.

Moitie hankerchief, Paris Kids' headband, DAISO hair ties, Swimmer Hat.
That hat, makes my life! I always wear it. I adore it!

Flower clip and headband from Ardene's, bow from Paris Kids.
I totally forgot to photo my pink Chocomint bow. It's the one I wear most and it totally slipped my mind. Ahahah.

Yup, that's about it. I've accumulated most of this over the last 9 months. It's small right now, but I'm hoping to have a larger wardrobe someday. :D
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