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Resolved!: AP package "delivered" but not received, please help!

I'm unsure what to do about this situation, especially since I am afraid that emailing AP USA may cause me to become blacklisted. Here is the situation (I am in the US, btw, and this was shipped by USPS)

1. I ordered a dress from AP USA, and they shipped it, with insurance through Endicia and Delivery Confirmation, it was USPS priority mail.
2. Endicia and USPS track and trace says the package was delivered on monday, shortly before noon. Someone was not only home this entire time, but waiting for anyone to come to the door, since we were waiting for the landlord at the time. But nonetheless, it says it was delivered.
3. I called the post office to explain the situation, they see no indication of insurance (is that because it is through Endicia?) and the postman claims that he delivered the package (although he could not describe it. Is it worth emailing AP and asking if it was sent in a box or in their pink bag with bubble wrap?) and the carrier claims he rang the doorbell (we would have definitely heard that) and left the package at the door. Shouldn't a package insured for over $200 require a signature?
4. I am waiting now for the postman to come by to talk to him - he thinks it was stolen. For reference, you have to climb up and around stairs just to even see our front door, on the 2nd floor, so this is not just an open area, and someone would have been heard coming up the stairwell.

Is there anything I can do at this point? Is it worth asking AP if they will file a claim (I have read that only the seller who insured the item can do this) since it was insured? The fact that no walking up the stairs, knock, and certainly not a doorbell, was heard during a time we were actively waiting for someone, is too much of a coincidence, I think it was misdelivered or just not delivered, but they have scanned it as "delivered". I feel like it's just my word against the postman. Has anyone gone through anything similar? Any help would be appreciated!!

Update, I emailed this to AP USA in response to my order confirmation email:\
Hello, I have a question about this package; was it insured, and was a signature required? I ask, because the post office claims that it was delivered on the 9th, but no one ever came to my door. It is possible that it was misdelivered to the wrong address (this is not the fault of AP, you had the correct address, if it was misdelivered, it is the fault of USPS) or stolen, and I understand that that is not the responsibility of Angelic Pretty since you indeed shipped it. If it was insured and required a signature, though, I may be able to file a claim with the post office to search for it, since they did not get my signature. Thank you, any help is appreciated, and again, I understand that you have already fulfilled your obligation by sending the package, I am not asking for a refund, only information on the type of package and insurance so that I may be able to find my dress.

Thank you, have a good day,

Angelic Pretty sent this response!! <3
Hello Belle,
Thank you for your email.
Regarding your order#**, the package that was shipped out was insured.
For the signature requirement,
Signature Confirmation is only required for EMS shipping.
Since we shipped out the package with Priority Mail, signature isn't required. (Even though the package is insured)
We called USPS today and they confirmed that the package was delivered at the correct address.
Since we received an email from you about the package not being delivered,
we asked for an investigation for the package.
Investigation is the first step before filing for a Insurance Refund.
The investigation would take about 2-4 business days, and USPS will contact us again regarding the status.
The case number is: **
Sorry for the wait, but please wait for 2-4 business days until we get a reply back from USPS.
Mean while, if you do receive the package or find any information about it, please contact us anytime.
If you have any other questions, please contact us anytime.
Thank you ^v^
Angelic Pretty San Francisco

I'm very surprised and happy with their quick response! I hope we're able to get this resolved! I saved up for that dress :(

Update again: I met with my postman today to discuss the missing package.
1. It would seem that the package would not have required a signature.
2. The timestamp for delivery was shortly before noon. This postman comes by in the early evenings, like after 3pm. He found the timestamp suspicious and didn't think he would have left a package that early. Perhaps he mis-remembered leaving a package, or perhaps it was for someone else in the neighborhood?
3. He is going to mention this to the post manager, and continue searching in the post office - we are hoping it was just a mis-scan by someone in the office, and that perhaps it is just incorrectly sorted somewhere in the office.
4. I asked him to not leave packages by the door, under any circumstance, just in case it was actually theft, and not misdelivery, and he said he understood completely, and will hold all packages if no one is home, so I don't think I have to worry about my next EMS insured package!
So basically, he seems like an honest sincere guy, has suspicions about the "delivery" and will help me search, and it is starting to look more like a misdelivery than theft. AP has contacted USPS and is waiting to hear back, so I feel that I have support from that side too. Fingers crossed!

I will keep you all updated! Question though, should I email AP and let them know that the postman found the delivery time suspicious and that they are searching for the package at the post office? It's not really big news, and I don't want to flood them with emails, but I also want to keep them up to date since they seem to be wanting to help, having already contacted USPS, and they requested that I let them know if I hear anything about the package. Perhaps I will just wait until I get some paperwork, or definite word tomorrow about whether or not they found it? THank you everyone for your similar experiences, kind words, and advice! Seriously, I was just in tears, and then I thought, EGL, they will know what to do!

Update again! Postman just came by... With my Chess Chocolate dress!! <3 ^^
He searched around for it, because he found that timestamp really weird, and I'm guessing he may have gone to the part of the route he would normally be on at that time of day. Anyway, he found the package, it had been misdelivered to the wrong address, a different apartment in a different neighborhood (he didn't name it, but I don't think it was the address that I went to and knocked, the one that cab drivers' Tom Toms tell them to go to, two neighborhoods down at a similarly named building, cause I knocked and asked that guy, thinking it was the most likely place for a mis-delivery) and drove here straightaway to deliver it. He said he had lost a laptop in the mail like that once, and completely understood how it is to lose such a precious item that you worked hard and saved up for, you don't even know what happened to it. I think he was so willing to help me out because of this. I'm so excited!!  But I wanted to let you guys, and AP know right away.

Thank you everyone, and the results of this fiasco and your advice is that I was persistent, got my package, met my postman who is actually a very cool guy, and requested that he hold all packages (not leave them at the door) and that I will pick them up at the post office!  Oh, here is what I sent to AP

Hello, I wanted to let you know immediately that the dress was found! ^^

I spoke with my postman yesterday, of the *** post office in ***, Washington. He came to talk to me because I had reported the package as missing and he wanted to help me find out what might have happened. When I showed him the tracking site that said "delivered", the time stamp was for 11:52 am. He found this very odd, because he does not reach my neighborhood until around 3-4 pm. He reported that information, and checked thoroughly, because we thought it might have been a mis-delivery to a wrong address, judging by the time of the delivery. He searched and found where it had been mis-delivered and just brought the package to me now, and it is the Chess Chocolate dress. It had been delivered to another apartment in another neighborhood.

Thank you so much for your quick response and helpfulness! Is there anything I need to do to help close the investigation?

I've never had to do a package investigation before, so does anyone know if there is anything else I should do? My postman and the post office manager know the situation is resolved, but is there paperwork or an official way to end an investigation?

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