chibi_momoko (chibi_momoko) wrote in egl,

A little wardrobe post from me! ♥

Hello! :3

I would like to show you my little lolita wardrobe! I don´t have a lot of items but I´m very happy with that what I have. ♥ I really love my wardrobe! :3 Enjoy! ♥

my accessories and hairclips:  

from Chocomint, AP, Cute can Kill, claires and offbrand

my headbows, bonnet and my handmade chocolate cake mini hat:

most are from AP. One is from Bodyline, one offbrand and the hat is handmade ♥

my berets:

pink AP beret and a white beret

my JSK´s:

Petit Patisserie in brown and Dreamy Dollhouse in mint

Sugary Carnival in lavender and Decoration Dream in cream/yellow

Sugar Hearts in lavender...but this is no longer mine because I´ll sell this. :3 
all my JSK´s are from AP.

my blouses:

pink bodyline bunny ears blouse and white long-sleeved AP blouse

my cardigans:

mint fur collar cardigan and yellow colorful dot cardigan. both from AP

my socks:

most are AP and the rest is offbrand

my bags:

three are AP, two Rilakkuma and the last one is from Swimmer

my shoes and my baby parasol:

shoes are from bodyline (I have the same in white)

my petticoat:

Added to this:
(picture is from AP´s yokohama blog)
Fancy Box in black! ♥

a coat from Tralala in beige! ♥ It has bear ears on the hood. :3 ♥

this bag! ♥ *O*

thanks for looking! ♥ ^^
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