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my wardrobe

I've bought my first real lolita outfit in 2009 and since then it hasn't really been growing much in quantity but more in quality. I've also changed from sweet to more bittersweet and I hope to get my hands on some more gothic lolita dresses a la MMM in the future too.

on to my room and closet!

my closet. it isn't really big, but after using a clothing rack, I wanted a real closet. got it from my younger sister and had to remove all the stickers she had put on the wood yesterday. It was tiring but also satisfing. on top of the closet are: my wig, 3 victorian style dolls, 2 perfume bottles, hello kitty, fashion and lolita related magazines, a poster and a box with my treasures.

inside. my lolita clothes have to share my wardrobe with my regular clothes. sometimes they get into a fight xD next to my wardrobe  you can see a mirror.

close up of the bottom part of my closet. here I store my shoes and accesoires.

my mannequin. I call her Lucia. She's wearing: BTSSB velveteen hem scalloped JSK, modified offbrand blouse, handmade headbow, modified offbrand socks, AP teaparties (and underneath: Bodyline petti and handmade petti)

on to my lolita items!

BTSSB gingham rose ribbon OP with offbrand halfbonnet, handmade Lady Midnight OP with handmade headdress

both AP: Whimsical vanilla chan tired JSK with headbow, Jewelry jelly with headbow (I've also the matching socks)

offbrand modified blouse, AP blouse

Heart E petti, Bodyline bloomers

BTSSB coat, Bodyline jacket

my sweet items: Heart E set (skirt and bodice), modified BTSSB sweet chocolate syrup cutsew

the bodice underneath the skirt (for easier storage)

my lonely shoes: Bodyline and Demonia

bags and umbrellas, all offbrand

thank you for watching!

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