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My Wardrobe

I'm also a first time wardrobe poster, and while it needs some cleaning out, I'm pretty happy with my collection :)
I couldn't find everything, so there are a few items missing from it, and I sold/traded one or two dresses after I took the pictures, but overall it's a pretty good representation of my wardrobe atm.

This is my dresser, it's an antique one and way too small for all my clothes, but I don't have
much space anyway. My mom made the door painting (but never finished it).

Victorian Maiden: Unknown print and Chiffon Frill Doll

Moi-même-moitié: Iron Gate, Church Gate (traded it, still waiting on the other skirt to arrive..), Chandelier Embroidery OP

Innocent World: First 2 I don't know, Grace (sold) and Apollo

Atelier Pierrot: Corset skirt

Alice and the Pirates: Chiffon Gathers, Apple and the Witch, Masquerade Theatre, Time of the Roses

Alice and the Pirates: Vampire Forest, Jewellery

Alice and the Pirates: Alice Print

Juliette et Justine: Rosery Sollenel

Rosenrot: Rosenkreuz

Listen Flavor, Innocent World, Moi-Même-Moitié, Fan-Plus-Friends, Metamorphose

Surface Spell, 2x Dear Celine , 69th Department
(I'm missing a 69th Deparment bolero and 2 more blouses, but I think they're in the laundry right now).

2x Fan-Plus-Friends

Offbrand, Louise Black, Heavyred and 2x Alice and the Pirates (I have one more pair of them, and the rest is
all offbrand tights because OTKs are generally below the knee for me)

All Alice and the Pirates except on the bottom right, it's Innocent World and Victorian Maiden.

All offbrand or handmade.

I thought that I shouldn't bother you with my shoes, jewelry and wigs, this is the most interesting part of my wardrobe I think :)
Ofcourse I'll keep on selling and trading some things, but I have a lot of items that I'm incredibly happy with and that I will definitely keep! I'd hope to add Twinkle Carnival to my collection in the future when I'm really really lucky! *o*

I'm currently waiting on:

                      (In red)

Thanks for watching! <3

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