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Lolita jewerly from The Snow Field

Hello again! I just posted my first year in Atlanta post few days ago.. ^^

It means it's been a year since last time I met my mom :( I miss all my family but especially her.

so I start make jewelry.. cause my mom is real jewelry designer
When I grow up I watched my mom design and make jewelry a lot.

She think I'm not talented enough to be get an artistic job(she was designer for one of top jewelry brand in Korea for years)
, she wanted me to study hard than crafting. I know it's typical Asian mom. lol

Anyway while I making necklace and bracelets I think of her a lot.
I just send these pictures to her to know what she thinks.
She can't say I should study anymore since I graduate school but I'm sure she will be very critic again.

I'd like to hear what you lolita ladies think about.
Any critics and recommendations are welcome!

**Thank you for all your advice! it will help me a lot!!

However I'd like to take a point here ^^
For me Jewelry is only made with metal, I think it's big influence from my mom.. she deals with 18K gold and up, I never though jewelry can mix with metal and plastic(or non metal stuff) until I know lolita ^^
oh and one more, In Korea jewelry means silver and gold literally. If the necklace is made with metal and coated with gold or silver, Korean called it as Accessory.

Also I wanted to keep it simple and made with only metals. There are already so many cute lolita jewelry beside me, I wanted to make something classical.
I know they might looks plain and not really unique at all... but it's really hard to be unique.

I looked lots and lots of jewelry catalog from high brand such as Cartier, BVGARI... and more and more.
It's really hard to find real uniqueness even in that high brand. Maybe one real unique style on one whole catalog? and from next season you can see that design everywhere.
Most of designs are mimic each other. Even that high brand release same design over and over again, called "revival of vintage"(it means they're fail to release unique design that season)

I just wanted to make something cute and pretty, that's all. but I will keep it mind what you guys are think!

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