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Wordrobe Post! (image hevey)

Its been a while since I have done a live journal post so hello everyone!
Here is my lolita closet! Except a few things like my off brand socks, lots of off brand shoes and some off brand shirts. Lots of my stuff is handmade or vintage, and over the almost two years I have been wearing lolita I have gained a decent amount of brand. I hope people find my images interesting especially seeing the stuff I find in thrift stores! I just copied and updated a wardrobe from a blog post I made a while back, so let me know if there is anything I should add or delete to make it more interesting or easy to view. (Also I don't know why this paragraph is formatted so strangely. Its probably from copying it from my blog post!)

Angelic pretty! DREAM item! Wanted this bad boy soooo bad!

AP socks!


handmade purple fur, altered

thrift collar

bodyline, 6%dokidoki and gift (I don't consider my bloomers as underwear since I wear underwear under them. They are just like little shorts I wear under my dresses.)

My most lolita specific shoes and one of my many bags. Thrift wood shoes, bodyline and gift

bodyline and Malco Modes

Leg Avanue and Malco Modes


lots of handmade hair accessories, 6% dokidoki star, vintage gloves and flower eye patch

swimmer ear muffs, btssb bunny pouch and muff

(same btssb bunny as above) btssb tiara, btssb necklace, btssb bunny charm, handmade cake hat, Anthropoligie headband, Forever 21 gothic excessories

A few of my wigs. Brown 50% real human hair wig, blue teased wig, Gothic Lolita Wig
Also visiable: 6% dokidoki hair clip, handmade cake hat, vintage feather hat, bodyline bunny ears


atelier pierrot and etc

thrift and handmade (lighting level adjusted so you can see details)

ETC style thrift dress, Antrhopoligie (very full and works great with lolita), vintage (I plan to dye it gray or blue)

both bodyline, guro painted by me

btssb (I sold the one on the left a while back but haven't retaken the picture. Sorry!)

innocent world

hand made (left side fabric was patched by me while right was bought that way)



AP and BPN

handmade (gold mini needs underskirt when used with lolita)

bodyline and hat from wondercon, also ap brouch


Altered thrift, thrift sweet boy style shorts!

hand made

emily temple cute

both altered vintage (hand painted deer)


etc op (photo from seller)

Thrift sweater, floral jacket gift from friend, altered vintage op

meta and vintage

off brand chiffon blouses



Forever 21 blouse and sweater, Bodyline boater hats

Forever 21 and thrift

btssb, bodyline and meta


modcloth and thrift

thrift and etc

from Ross and YesStyle

Angelic Pretty jsk!

and Emily Temple Cute skirt that is in the mail

And for fun and because I know some Lolita girls like dolly and mori kei here are a few of my dresses I wear with those styles!

Gunny Sax, vintage


vintage dolly style dresses
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