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Cosplayanimewigs.com review Positive

Greetings all! Just a quick (and outdated) wig review.

From facespace

Not so long ago I thought I would turn my wardrobe on it's head and start re-building it. I usually do this by buying the most ridiculous piece of clothing that I have wanted for a while (at least 3 months), then anything I buy after seems quite normal. 

So, to start this new wardrobe I bought this!


Long curly purple wig

As you can see the wig was very cheap for the claim of it being heat resistant.

I recently decided to cut the fringe on this, rather than sweeping it to the side so it would hide my dark eyebrows. I did however manage to mess it up a bit but oh well! After being so happy with the quality of this wig I decided to get a long black one and a long brown one in the same style. Due to the black and brown being so similar I gave the black one away as it was just slightly the wrong colour for my skin (and purple is apparently okay? :p)

Shipping (FREE)- 5/5
All wigs arrived within 14 working days of the purchase, with tracking numbers e-mailed to me once they were shipped (between 6- 36 hours after I made the purchase).

Quality- 4.5/5
I must admit I was a little concerned with these as they are a little bit thin in the back but you can't see my dark brown hair under the purple wig, even when it's slightly pulled apart for low pig-tails.

Maintenance- 6/5
Yeah, I know, not possible. I am so impressed with these wigs. I lost my wig comb and one of them really needed tidying so I decided to attack it with a normal hair brush. No drama!! It goes fluffy but that is easily fixed by running fingers through it a couple of times and it 're clumps' the hair into nice, neat waves. Washing these was easy too! I did use cold water, but I hung it up and the curl came back.

Re-style- 5/5
Again, super happy with this. The brown wig was worn on a really hot day (in Australia) and had seen the full force of the sun so it had lost a fair bit of it's curl. When I got home, I shoved some old Velcro rollers in it, hit it with my hair-dryer and left it over night to cool down. And the reference photo above is the result of the re-style. I also know that these wigs straighten nicely with my wands, even though my wand may be a little hot for them (210 degrees Celsius).

My only grump with the fibre used for these is of course, flash photos. The ones above were taken with a flash from a camera phone and so they do go a little shiny but it's not massively noticeable.

One last picture of my awkwardness to see the length of these wigs a bit better.
Awkward turtle


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