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General Shoe Size Help

I need some help with shoe sizes.  You see, my whole life I just wore Walmart shoes which were cheap and able to be tried on, so if it fit I bought it and I never paid attention.  I've been wearing the same 2 pair of fabric Mary Janes from there for the last 3 years, and I'm overdue for a new pair or 3! :D  Especially since I have no lolita shoes whatsoever! ^-^;

I've found a few shoes I really like online, but I'm having problems deciding what my size should be and here's why:

The shoes from Walmart are big on me at a US size 6.  I usually fit somewhere around US size 5 or 5.5 depending on the brand of shoe and what's adjustable on it.

I once needed Japanese school shoes for a cosplay and saw online that my shoe size would be 21.5 if converted from a US size 5.5 .  So I ordered a half size up at 22.0 because I heard they run small, only these ended up still being too small.  So I now figure Japanese sizes must run a full size smaller than US sizes?

I have a general grasp on my US and Japanese sizes, but I need to know my Chinese size.  The problem is that I have no grasp on how they run in comparison to US or Japanese sizes and ordering online without being able to try shoes on has cost me in the past.

My questions to all of you are:

I'm thinking of ordering shoes from lovelyshoes.net and R-Series.  My feet are exactly 22 cm from heel to toe.
What size does that translate to in Japanese and Chinese sizes exactly?
Do I need to order larger or smaller based on your experiences ordering from those countries or those brands?
Are there other brands that I need to order a specific different size because of how the sizes run there?
Do boot sizes differ from shoe sizes much?

I'm sorry if I've posted something annoying; I'm just that confused and unsure about it!  Thank you very much in advance for any advice you can offer. ♥


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