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Innocent World New Year's Happy Pack B 2012

My Innocent World New Year's Happy Pack B arrived yesterday with all the disappointment that could be associated with purchased items that just do not fit.

I was excited at first to see on the invoice all black and chocolate colored items, but when I saw the sizes, I was thoroughly disappointed.  Half of the items were not my size, mostly L and LL.  The accessories in the pack are your basic items, a scrunchy, 1 pair of socks and a black headband - I had really hoped there would be a purse in that pack, so boo to that!  

Apart from the accessories, all the clothing items are great in and of itself, especially the blouses and the dresses, but the fact the they are in a size L and LL is a huge let down.  Needless to say, most of these items will be up for sale or trade soon, since they aren't my size.  

Here are contents of my "Unhappy" Pack (I couldn't find stock pics of the accessories):

Carina OP - Black, Size L

Harmonia OP - Black, Size M

Annette JSK - Chocolat, No Size

Tilda Skirt - Black, No Size

Pintuck Ribbon Skirt - Black, No Size

Antique Rose Blouse - Beige/Choclat Ribbon - Size LL

Antique Rose Blouse - White/Black Ribbon - Size LL

Ribbon Bustier - Ivory, No Size

Thanks for looking.


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