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The postman brought my long Alchemy print OP today!

I'm so happy! I bought it as a Christmas present to myself, but Moitié took ages to actually send it to CDJapan once the money had gone in, so I wasn't sure if I'd even get it before it sold out at all - and it turns out it arrived this morning, on Christmas Eve! How cool? =D

I absolutely adore it, too. It's a perfect fit and it's even the perfect length! I think at 5'11", I'll always buy the long versions of my favourite prints in the future if there's one available. I'm so happy to find that a brand dress reaches my knees just like my custom made dresses do =D

I have a small dream-print collection starting now... Divine Cross (MMM, velvet/gold), Midsummer Night's Dream (AatP, black/blue) and Alchemy (MMM, chiffon/long/red). I'm missing a black Milky Planet in there. xD

And here's a bad picture of me with little makeup wearing Alchemy less than half an hour after I got up XD

with petti... (yeah I took this off my facebook-webcam and enlarged it, don't judge me. XD)

I think even though it's such a slim shape and so long, I still need a petticoat with it. I'll either borrow my friend's overly long petticoat that she described to me, or use a medium-poofy cupcake petti that I tried earlier (see image above). But does anybody else find that some Moitié dresses are quite hard to find the right petticoat for? They're almost designed not to need one, but that feels too much like an evening dress and not enough like Lolita to me. XD

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