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How to make SS boots fit bigger calves

I have wanted these boots for a few years now and I have been part of a group order for them for over a year. So when they finally came and my calves were too big I wanted to cry. I bought them because they looked very adjustable so I thought they would fit.
Soooo I ghetto rigged them!! and now they fit ^_^

How close I was. So sad. On my other calf I was even more close, I only needed a cm or two to be able to latch it (from rowing in high school, my right calf is soooo much bigger then my left.

I used this kit to put in eyelets. I like these because they come with a tool and they are cheap.Photobucket

Use a seam ripper to rip the seam that holds down the strap. Be sure to start ripping the seam from the bottom under the flap so you dont rip the seam that holds the strap together. You just want to separate it from the flap thing to give some extra length. It will leave a few kinda big holes from the needle that sewn it together but it wont show since the strap will cover it in the end.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Then you need to make a hole in the strap for the new eyelet. Fallow the instructions on the box to install the eyelet. I used this weird thing I found in my tool box. I remember using things like this to start holes for metal when I made jewelry. You dont want to use scissors because you might make a slit instead of a whole so try to push a hole since the fake leather is cheap and easy to make a hole its not that hard.
Once hole is made be sure to put the eyelet in the correct way so the long part is sticking out on the bottom of the strap.
The do as instructions say and use the thick tool part to be placed under the outside part of the eyelet (photo above) and use the long tool to be hammered on top of the bottom of the eyelet. (photo below)
Photobucket should look like this Photobucket Photobucket
Then TADA! It fits

Now the laces arnt long enough to look cute soooo I ghetto rigged those too. The boots came with a few detachable bows. I used those to hide the fact that the boots arnt made for my huge calves and I ghetto rigged it.
Take the ties and pull them under the laces below and tie them there.
Photobucket Photobucket
Then put a bow on the top part of the ties (not the ones you tied, put the bow on the laces you pulled the top laces under) This hides the double ties laces so it looks cute and not like there wasnt enough laces. Then your all done and they fit and look cute too!
Photobucket Photobucket

Hope this makes since to you all, and I hope this helps you fix this problem if you are having it too. Cant wait to wear these now.

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