Aimee (aimee_evilpixie) wrote in egl,

Tuscan Tea Room Meetup Photos!

Yesterday seven of the Washington Lolitas (and three of our boyfriends) went to the Tuscan Tea Room in West Seattle for a Christmas Tea.  It was lovely!  And because I have an amazing new camera I was able to get really good photos!

First of all, this is what the Tuscan Tea Room looks like.

Here we all are at our table:

themugence shows us how to pass the time properly:  with spoons on noses.

She demonstrated with a fork as well.

themugence's boyfriend demonstrated how to drink tea like a man.  (Notice the grimace of pain.)

Then the food arrived!

After we had all stuffed ourselves and were incubating food-babies, it was time for outfit shots!

titantiafanel was up first.

chadbear was next:

Then gothlita:

Then kawaiitanuki:

She made her own dreidel dress!  Isn't it adorable?

Her wedding ring is a replica of her house:

Next up was themugence:

Then sirg, looking elegant in black:

Then me!

Chris also dressed in his festive finest for the occasion.  It's hard to tell in the photo, but the jacket is green velvet.

The shoe shot I got wasn't very good, but here it is anyway:

Group shot!

Everyone fight!

Hope you enjoyed!  It was a lovely afternoon, and it was fabulous to meet so many new lolitas in Seattle!


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