missmonkeychan (missmonkeychan) wrote in egl,

Innocent World Shipping times?

Sorry if this has already been posted - I had a look through but couldn't find anything similar (unless I'm looking in the wrong place, sorry if I am!)

At the very beginning of December I made an order from the Innocent World website, the invoice came through and I paid for it on the 2nd. My friend, did the same only the day before. She received an email the next day, saying that her item had shipped, however, I am still waiting for one to be sent for me and I'm getting a little concerned.

I've ordered from Innocent World before, and not had a problem where they haven't even shipped the item for two weeks (I've usually waited within a couple of days for the 'your item has been shipped' email to be sent through). I know on their website they have said that due to their sale and the winter season they are being late with orders, so I'm wondering if that's why?

Am I just being impatient, or is this just how long it take for items to be shipped during the holiday season? Some information would just put my mind at ease. Thanks!

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