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Review: Miss Lonely Lolita Commission Items.

Miss Lonely Lolita Review

This is my first review on EGL so please bear with me.

I will be reviewing the Melty Chocolate inspired hand and earmuff set I bought and commissioned from idgal on EGL-sales, her products can also be found at her blog/store Miss Lonely Lolita's Goods .

what I will be covering:

-Rating 0-5

Transaction: 5/5
The transaction went very smoothly and quickly, I was able to make two separate payments to her paypal address. The first being my deposit to secure my items and the second being the rest of the payment and shipping

Communication: 5/5
I first contacted idgal on the 3rd of October and we disscussed possible designs, on the 4th she emailed me specifcation  sheets showing the design and asking me for my approval; by the 5th of October i had paid my deposit and she began making my items. On the 19th of October she emailed me pictures of the finished products and they were shipped by the 22nd. She was always quick to reply to any questions or concerns i had regarding my commission.

Shipping: 5/5
The shipping was via priority mail from the U.S. to Australia which is around $30 USD, my package arrived in around two weeks.

Packaging: 5/5
My items were very secure and came in a nice sturdy cardboard box all tightly wrapped up, the items themselves where also wrapped in plastic inside. (I was also left a little thank you note :3)

Appearance: 5/5
The set is just amazing! they were bought as a present for a friend to match her dress and I think she will be most definitely pleased with them.

Price: 5/5
I was lucky enough to get a 10% discount at the time as she was having a grand opening sale. My items came to $99 USD which is more than reasonable for the work that was put in and the quality of the items.

I would definitely buy or commission something from idgal again. The prices are reasonable, she is a pleasure to communicate with and I love a lot of the items she has for sale; (as I said when I emailed her) she is a very talented lady I would happily recommend her to anyone. <3

my camera quality isn't that great sorry, I also included some pictures I was emailed.

The packaging

The earmuff

The Handmuff

The emailed photos

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