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Inocent world christmas lucky pack arrived!

I got this Christmas lucky pack from Innocent world this morning ^^
It supposed to be arrived at last Saturday but postman just leave a note at the door even I was at home!!

I choose Blue L size lucky pack.

Anyway here's what I got

Antique book JSK blue(but more green - grey color?) in short version
I was bit confused when I see the box cause all I can see was black at first, I was expected some blue jumper skirt.
This antique book jumper is blue in official but it's not blue at all. I can't really say what's the name of this color but not blue.

Romantic Rose Over knee socks

BlackXPink over knee isn't color match either.. oh well, it's lucky pack anyway ^^

I can't find blouse info but it's L size, I love black one is high neck, and cream one is just regular collar blouse.

Hair accessory is quite cheap though. My cats already loves this one so I gave that to them, they also loves this lucky pack lol.

I was little worry that last lucky pack(Halloween one) from IW was not great.
Well it turns out christmas lucky pack is awesome! I'm so happy I have 2 brand new blouse in right size ^^

Tags: lucky packs: innocent world

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