Wolfie (okami_loli_chan) wrote in egl,

IW Happy Christmas Lucky Pack!

I received my Lucky Pack yesterday and cracked it open last night after work. Here's what I got:

Blouse with lots of lace around the neck and cuffs (on lolibrary):

This blouse has five different kinds of lace on it. And all of them are on the sleeve cuff that you can see above. It's a lovely cream color and even though it's a lot of lace it doesn't seem too overwhelming. Yet. I haven't actually tried it on yet.

Omg really gorgeous blouse:

If I had to choose an ideal white blouse, this would probably be it. The lace is delicate and there's just enough of it. The style of it is perfect, and it has amazing details, like the fabric has little crowns and IWs on it, the buttons have IWs on them too, and the brooch has cherubs on it. Totally happy with this blouse.

Tiered JSK with Pearls, long version (at lolibrary):

This JSK is pretty simple, and the cut is kind of similar to my Beluga JSK, but I'm happy with it because it's something that I can definitely wear to work, and I'm really getting into IW's longer JSKs so I'm glad I have another long one. I'm just a little disappointed though, that the convertible straps are missing the optional buttons that you can sew on. My Beluga JSK included the buttons in a little bag attached to the price tag, and since they take the price tags off of the Lucky Pack items, the buttons are gone as well. It's just a minor disappointment though. I'm either going to use the buttons from my Beluga JSK to make these straps stationary, or I'll try to find buttons somewhere else that are the right size.

Socks (black x burgundy):

I wasn't really expecting anything except the JSK and two blouses, so I was surprised when I got a couple extra things. I'm always glad to have another pair of OTK socks.

Hair bow (burgundy):

This is adorable, and it's so soft, and I love the color. I just don't think I have anything to wear it with. :( I also feel like it's kind of big for my head, but I'll probably hang on to it anyway because I really do love it. Maybe I can decorate my Rilakkuma with it...

I'm very happy with this pack because I've been needing long sleeve blouses, and I adore the two that I received. I'm totally becoming a LP addict. XD And I really want to see what other people got too, so post your packs, everybody!

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