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Just in time for Christmas! Highlighting an Etsy Shop

Know a sweet lolita who can't find just the right earrings to pair with a Wonder Cookie print? Know a classic lolita looking for just the right ring to set off her whole outfit?

It sounds like the opening to a bad infomercial selling a 20-instrument-in-1 machine, but I really did stumble on a gem on Etsy while I was shopping for my best friend, who is just now getting to Sweet Lolita. I felt like sharing!

MistyAurora, the owner of the shop, is also hosting free shipping on a good number of her items, and most of what's being sold doesn't break 25 dollars.

There's something for everyone, but be sure to check out her cupcake and tea-cup pendant necklaces for the sweet inclined, her cameo poetry-pins and the owl locket ring for the classically oriented, or her pistol earrings for the punk-leaning lolita.

I have highlighted some of her items in particular that I love.

Miniature Pink tea-cup earrings:

Bronze owl locket ring:

Miniature strawberry cream cake:

Bronze hot air balloon brooch pin:

Brass bunnies necklace:

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