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Japanese Blog Post Translation

Hello! I came across this blog entry written by a Japanese lolita complaining about the state of lolita nowadays and I thought it might be interesting to translate to hear the Japanese side of many concepts international lolitas often debate. It was written in October of this year.

Let's discuss!

Notes on translation: I'm not a pro so I may have some nuances wrong. I left the formatting in the style of the author. Things in brackets are my personal additions for clarity.


Something all lolitas are thinking

Lately lolita clothes all look the same!
It seems like all the brands are just copying each other.
If one brand releases a chocolate print, they all do - same with diamond prints...

I don't know what the brands are thinking but from a customer's point of view it just looks like they think "oh, X-brand released X-print which is selling well so if we make a similar one, it'll sell too".

I really like all brands and I'm guessing they're under a lot of pressure to stay afloat in this economic downturn...
Even though I have my likes and dislikes among designs, "lolita" in general is cute.
That's the reason why lolitas wear lolita clothing.

But there hasn't been many lolita clothes lately that make me go KAWAIII!! and fill me with excitement the moment I see it... (but of course there are still cute things out there!).

It's only natural that lolitas will buy lolita clothing but somehow... I feel like everyone's just buying it because they feel like they have to...

Lolita of today is fragmented into so many types, and now you can't even tell what's lolita and what's not anymore. Modern Japanese fashion now leans toward classical styles too [sometimes resembling lolita].

If you compare modern lolita with lolita from 2000-2007, it's become all about original prints while the dress designs have become more plain.

BABY is especially like this. (AP is stuck on using the same blouse patterns)

It seems like everything's just getting more casual.

Recession, recession - everything can be blamed on the recession... and I can't really complain much since I'm not involved in these companies to see how tough it's been.

But I suppose there's no other way for it to go: prices too expensive, can't sell ---> make it cheaper ---> simplify designs

Recently I've been thinking that maybe there is demand among lolitas for expensive and high quality clothing. (But not including BABY's 100,000 yen made-to-order dresses, lol)

Aren't there lots of people like me out there who instead of collecting tons of similar prints, prefer the solid color lolita dresses of the past?

Ahh~ there are so many dresses that I want like BABY's velvet dresses from 2000-2007 or inspirational old fashioned styles!!! That's the kind of lolita I've always wanted to be!!!!

BABY's classic (well I should say old school) era was just too fantastic...
Please BABY [bring it back]!

But while I say this, I still want Holy Night Story in green and Stained Glass Angel in black!!!! *headdesk*

Although the winter is already approaching and with it the "main stage" for lolita, I'm still half crying since there hasn't been a single piece of clothing [released by lolita brands] I've liked so far.

There are also comments to the entry that I can summarize if anyone is interested.

I hope this inspires some discussion - do you agree? Is this blog author just growing out of the fashion? Do you think there's a market for more expensive and more detailed dresses? Is old school really better?

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