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Two contests from Lolitadesu with several prizes <3

We currently have 2 active contest and we would love for you lovely guys and girls to join! <3

The first contest is:

If you want some text added with your picture, just write it in the mail and for this contest, you're allowed to submit one picture per category. The pictures should be longer horizontally than vertically, to fit the calendar, like this:

The 2nd contest is:

Lolitadesu christmas contest

Christmas is a time that should be shared with others and on that note, we have decided to start a contest. The first of december Lolitadesu will be giving a 50$ coupon for the Lolitadesu shop as a gift to the person who has the most friends in the Lolitadesu
facebook page.

To enter, submit a screenshot of how many friends you have in the Lolitadesu facebook page
to before the 30th of November is over and put 'Christmas contest' in the subject field.

Thanks for reading! <3


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