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Picture request and coordination help ?

Hi girls ♪ !

Today, I received my first dress from Moi-même-Moitié
(a dreamdress that "everybody" owns, but I don't care, I love it ♥) : Shirring Gathered Sundress.
I loved it so much that when I hold it in my hands, I had to try it on. So I took some random stuff in cream/off-white and tried to coordinate them together. And here is what I managed to do :

(I hate my knees =='...)

At first, I was kinda satisfied, but now I think about it... it's more a hime-gyaruish coordinate, not the EGL look I wanted to achieve. Of course, I know that those are not the "good" shoes to wear for an EGL coordinate (I'm planning to buy plateform shoes when I'll have money).
But I don't know if it would be better with socks or not... And what kind of headdress would you recommend for this type of dress ? I also need advice on the hair style ('cause I just did this quick hairdo when I came back from school).

Two last questions (the most important) :
- I'd like to wear this dress in winter (because I don't have enough pieces to choose summer pieces and winter pieces), but it would be better with a blouse. I was thinking about getting a chiffon blouse since it's a light material (like the dress), but if you think any other blouse would work, please tell me !
- If you have any pictures worn of this dress (in this color), with a blouse (that, would be perfect), or anything to inspire me, don't hesitate to show me ♥ !

Thank you, thank you, thank you A LOT in advance for taking the time to read/reply !

Have a wonderful day ♪ !

P.S. : I'm NOT a newbie Lolita, I dare to say that I know quite a lot about
Lolita (and all Lolita styles in general), but to me, Lolita is a
constant research for perfection, that's why I prefer to ask
more experimented Elegant Gothic Lolitas (to avoid mistakes ^^).
That's the best way to achieve my goal =) !

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