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Apricot update!


I got an email from the owner of Apricot (goes by the alias Anri) and she answered a few questions.

Apricot will now be known as Dear Margaret and I'm not sure if the site URL is going to be the same or different but I'm sure Anri will let me know if anything changes.
Information that would be of interest:
1) She'll be able to ship items via EMS. She'll probably ship using air mail too if requested but please know that packages sent from Korea via air mail CANNOT BE TRACKED.
2) We're both working together to get a Paypal account set up so that anyone can order.
3) Antique Posy will not be available any longer because she cannot find the lace/braid for the dress. However, Modern Lady II, Modern Lady, and Herringbone Ribbon might be available if there is enough interest and if she can find the fabric.
4) Usually there is a size S, M, L. If you want a slight adjustment from the sizes given (like take or add a centimeter or two), she'll be able to do that for free. However if you want something to be significantly larger or smaller, she'll have to charge extra. So I THINK that it means she'll do custom sizing but it might also be a case-by-case thing (just putting that out there to not get your hopes TOO high.)
5) Overseas shipping might be possible starting December, or at least that is her goal.
6) Prices will be higher than what is listed on the website right now due to fabric costs going up.

I'm very excited and I hope that all of this will be possible! I'm definitely keen on Nostalgia Garden, Modern Lady II, Herringbone Ribbon, Modern Lady, and Classical Detective.

If you have any questions for her, leave them here and I'll email them to her the next time I hear back from her :)
Tags: !new releases, !news, *apricot/dear margaret

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