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Oh no, I'm so dumb

Hi! I wanted to take advantage of the $1 shipping campaign. So I ordered this pair of shoes:

1. In size 25 when I'm a 24.5 - WRONG
2. In black (I really don't know why I made this stupid mistake - I wanted them in enamel black instead!)

A joyful picture, isn't it? New shoes

ARGHH!!! They don't fit!! I am so stupid. Why had I not listened to the persons who said that you need to buy a size smaller for heels? Probably because I thought the exact size of my feet would be too small. But it isn't.

Other things I bought:
This vest: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct2.asp?id=5025&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_2&noSubType=N

A typical case of 'bad taste strikes again'. Why on earth did I buy this?! Hmm, well, because it looks ok on the model, I guess. BUT what I did not realize was the fact that she has a really flat chest. My breasts aren't big either (70D) but...if I put on a white blouse with this, I look like a Tiroler bar maid slash prostitute which is not reeaally what I was going for. So my only hope is combining this with black XD

First, the suspenders. These are to hold up my lederhosen; it would look great in an Austria-inspired boystyle look, very experimental. No, sorry, I will get serious now. They were meant to hold up my skirts; my skirts always slide down to my tummy or something while I want to wear them at the waist. But...it did a fairly bad job. I tried to hold up my poodle skirt with them but they constantly unclipped. Will not buy again (even though that isn't even neccessary with suspenders. But I like that sentence XD).
And the poodle socks. I'm most happy with these. They go perfectly with my poodle skirt ^^ They are nice quality, with a lot of detail for Bodyline socks!

anyway, I hope this review was a little helpful XD
Oh, and another positive thing: Bodyline, you did it! You managed to fool our customs people! In the Netherlands, we have to pay soo much customs fees...So I let Bodyline mark down the price. And no extra payment ^^ We often need to pay that to the post man. But maybe I'll get the money claim later. Hope that doesnt happen..

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