ferny_flora (ferny_flora) wrote in egl,

Opinion on a dress & first brand clothes

#1 I found a shop in my city that sells lolita dresses. Apparently the owner imports them from Sai Sai in London. I bought the following dress the other day. It didn’t cost a lot. The tag says it’s from a brand called Spin Doctor. They also have stuff from GLP. Does anybody know those brands? What do you think about them?
Does the dress look like an okay lolita dress (apart from the backribbon which looks kind of cheap to me)?

#2 Both my birthday and Christmas are coming up soon, I’m thinking about treating myself to my first clothes from a well known lolita brand as a combined birthday/christmas present. I’m thinking about ordering from Innocent World. I especially like this JSK (in black) and this blouse (in black or white?) - or maybe this dress (in black) instead of the JSK/blouse - and this beret (in black).

Are these okay choices for a first brand outfit?
Thank you for your help!

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