hajimex (hajimex) wrote in egl,

Do you wanna join Video Harajuku Tour?

Hi All,

I am Hajime from Japan. Currently, I have many gothic lolita friends both in Japan and in abroad and receive many requests.
Also, I hear a lot of people want to come to Japan but too expensive to travel!!!! ...This is sad.

So, I and my friends in Japan came up with one idea!

If there are sufficient people who want to join "VIDEO HARAJUKU TOUR", I will hold it soon.

[What is that?]
I take a live video on ustream with my mobile video camera and 40 Mbps wireless connection. Viewers can request me anything that you usually request in tours. Such as,
1. going to your favorite shops
2. asking questions to me or shop staff (you can ask me in English or Japanese, I can translate if you want to ask to the shop staff) 
3. but unfortunately, I cannot feed you or buy stuff for you... (I can show you my big smile with tasty food)

I am thinking Saturday or Sunday in November.
The time will be around 10:00pm in EST; New York, Washington DC, Montreal... (It is 11:00am in Japan)
If different time is better, I will change it. Or, hold this event once again.

[How to join?]
Just need to get an account of ustream so that you can comment. Just to watch the video, you don't need anything.

[How much?]
For free. I was thinking to do this for my friends, so.

More than welcome. Please comment below.

Thank you very much! I am Looking forward to seeing you!


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