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The Petticoat Press: An EGL Newsletter SPECIAL EDITION - October 24 to October 30

The Petticoat Press: SPECIAL EDITION Part 1 of 2
October 24 to October 30
Issue 5

Brought to you byxaynie & colortheory - Newsletter Editors; Brand Ambassadors - gensou_alice (MMM), crystal_moon975 (Baby / AatP), sheraccoon (IW), beautifultwist (Meta), mieke_chan (AP), luxe_lion (JetJ); And our friendly mod team

Hot Topics in the Lolita Blogosphere
  • Pink House - Carousel of Crowns checks in on one of Lolita Fashion’s founding brands!
  • Trick or Treat! - The Pink Fairies proves that nail polish and a little ingenuity is really all that stands between creepy and cute.  
  • Ask Miss Caro-chan: Purple Lolita - F Yeah Lolita answers the age-old question: how do you add purple to a Lolita coordinate?

Brand Releases

Innocent World

Baby Stars / AaTP  

Angelic Pretty

  • None this week!

Juliette et Justine

Tutorial of the Week

Nine Sweet Recipes With Leftover Halloween Candy - At a loss for what to do with all those leftover Halloween sweets?  The good folks at Kitchen Daily have a few recipe ideas to help with your candy overload.  Dieters beware!  (Not specifically Lolita, but it sure tickled my sweet tooth!  -colortheory)

Community Related News & Discussions


  • The anon-comment-enabled ARC area is now available and in the egladmin journal (here). We couldn't host it on the sales community, as we do have IP tracking turned on there, so hopefully this will clear up any issues with anonymous posting.  

  • None this week!

Next up: Industry Insider!

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