Nadine Brown (nadinebrown3) wrote in egl,
Nadine Brown

Bodyline, bodyline...

(credit of this news goes to yoshiko_sakurai I am just spreading the love!)

This is what I had to great me this morning after my usual bike ride:

"Good evening Dear Ladies!
Bodyline have some news.
1. all November, (because of Christmas and New Year) delivery by AIR plan to be free!
2. New JSK from Bodyline. Will come to sell soon! And of course many other new product will come very soon!^^"

My instant reaction (below) to this caused a couple of people outside my office window to jump, and birds to scatter (... no--seriously).


XD It was actually kinda funny.

So what else does this mean beside fits of dashing to the nearest internet connected puter and blazzing a new trail that Bodyline has never before seen in epic proportion?  I am running a GO.  This means lots of happy BL loving lolitas with extra change to go around! ^_^

Thoughts, comments?  Place them here! If you want a link to my GO, please PM me and I will be happy to send it to you!

Stay frilly my friends!

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