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Info and photo request: Classic Lucky bags

Hi there!

I was thinking in buying my first classic lucky pack on next january and I've been compiling information about some classic brands' lucky bags for those who may be interested. I've been looking specially for Juliette et Justine, Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden, because there's a lot of information about the Innocent World LP's.

Anyway, I'm not an expert and I would like you to add all the information, links or photos that you can :)

Ok, so let's get into it:

* Mary Magdalene: As far as I know, they don't release any lucky bags... too bad :/ I hope they do it in the future...

* Victorian Maiden / Beth: I don't know what happened to Beth since I can't find it in the Victorian Maiden's website anymore, so I supose they've decided to leave just the Victorian Maiden's line ¿?

- When?: Well, they used to release something called 'happy packs' and they do it on New year and in the
golden week... and yes, they have summer lucky bags too :D

 - Price?: Last year winter's happy bags were around 10,000 yens, 30,000 yens and 50,000 yens (without taxes); the value of the contents were 3 times the price of the bag (thanks to asilvering for this info). The golden week and summer lucky bags has content that is around two times the price of the bag. 
I've also read something in the website about a 21,000 yens lucky bag. 

- Content?: I just have seen two; one had two dresses (you can see it in the 'Links' below) and the other one has a dress, a petticoat and a hair accesory. I need more info about contents because this is really important when you are purchasing a lucky bag, so if anyone could add anything it would be much apreciated :)

- Links?:

Victorian Maiden winter 2010 lp:

* Juliette et Justine: They release giant and fantastic lucky bags, yeah!

- When?: They sell them on New year and summer but I was able to find more information about the winter ones.

- Price?: They cost around 29,050 yens (I've read some reviews where the girls said that they were about
30,000 yens with shipping included, that's great!)

- Content?: They used to had between 4~6 items inside: A dress (that's for sure), maybe a skirt, a coat, a cutsew or two and one or two hair accesories. I've seen some lucky bags with two dresses :D

The total value of the items it's around 100,000 yens so it's really a bargain ;)

- Links?:

Summer 2008 lp:

New year 2010 lp:

Summer 2011 lp:

New year 2011 lp:

Another New year 2011 lp:

Summer 2011 lp:

Another summer 2011 lp:

Other summer 2011 lp:

And other summer 2011 lp:

An amazing JetJ lp content *Q*:

I think this is all the information I was able to find, so if you've received a lucky pack from VM or JetJ which is not listed or you want to share some information about release dates, prices or contents, add it please! :)


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